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  • What Exactly Does Content Club Do?
  • Why Bulk Pricing?
  • How Does It Work?
  • What if My Clients Are Slow? I Don’t Use All Packages?
  • What Niches?
  • What Links Do You Not Accept?
What Exactly Does Content Club Do?

We offer a unique bulk pricing option for resellers. This is in an effort to allow them to “resell” or “mark-up” our pricing and sell to their clients.

Why Bulk Pricing?

This is an effort to keep the typical business owner from buying from our club. We want to only service to agencies and resellers. The typical business owner doesn’t want to buy more than one link.

How Does It Work?

You buy the bulk package that makes sense for you and your clients. You prepare the articles and send them to us (you get instructions via email after order placed). We schedule the articles.

What if My Clients Are Slow? I Don’t Use All Packages?

We offer rollover. Posts you bought will be available for when you need them.

What Niches?

Our larger sites (all that you are buying here) are all general. They have every category under the sun and can fit just about any Niche.

What Links Do You Not Accept?

We Do No Gambling, Porn, Pharma, Or Adult

  • Are Post Marked Sponsored?
  • How Many Links Per Post?
  • Are The Websites Real?
  • How Long Does It Take? TAT?
  • Editing, Pictures, Videos?
  • How Much Is Content Club?
Are Post Marked Sponsored?

We Offer Sponsor Posts As Well. This Club Typically Wants Do Follow SEO Link Juice White Hat Links. We Provide That Service.

How Many Links Per Post?

We Offer 2 Do Follow Links Per Post To The Same Website. I.e – Blog and Home or Social and Blog.

Are The Websites Real?

All Sites Rank For Their Own Terms. We have real traffic and real social shares. Some sites go viral on Reddit often.

How Long Does It Take? TAT?

We typically post your article within 5 days (Typically Faster). If you order and let us know when the content is going to be coming in we can process much faster. We schedule posts on all blogs and that can push your live links back a few days. If we know the content is coming in then we can schedule it and just wait for the content.

Editing, Pictures, Videos?

We edit every post. We insert pictures related to the topic. We typically link out to authorities in your niche inside of every post. We accept Youtube and Vimeo videos that are related to the topic embedded in the articles.

How Much Is Content Club?

You got here just in time! We are offering Beta pricing. We have a few unique packages we have put together.



We can build authoritative backlinks to your client’s site (that Google loves) and improve your client’s site search engine authority.

Social Shares

Joining us will definitely increase your client’s social shares which is a great and effective way to build huge traffic in your client’s site.


Your client’s site ranking is a top priority and we guarantee that we can increase your client’s site ranking with the help of our quality backlinks.


When you join us, you won’t just be able to increase traffic to your client’s site but you’ll also boost their confidence level as well.


You Provide The Articles

Minimum 1,000 Words

Need Expedited Orders? Not A Problem


As a business owner, you have to be budget conscious and not spend money on anything before thinking twice about it, and I have been no different. But, content placements got my attention and spending on Content Club was one of the smartest business decisions I ever made.“—Gene

I love even reading other people’s posts on the sites. Rankings went up because of my post as well. I am not only a buyer but I am a reader. Thank You for this brilliant idea!“—Larry

Personally I am not a fan of guest posts for SEO only. The idea intrigued me so I gave it a shot. This was a great decision and will be referring others.“— Zyana


We Find The Highest PA Page With Low Outbound Links In Your Niche


Each Article Is $79 Dollars Each.

  • We Write 1250 Words Around Your Niche

  • Well Researched Top Magazine Quality Content

  • Reference Authority Sites

  • Keyword Density Specifications Met

  • Highly Viral

  • Great Titles



We Provide The Most Extensive Article Online About Your Topic (Typically 2k words plus infographic). This require research and time. This is a 30 day process.

We Then Run A Broken Link Building Campaign Out To That Niche (Typically 20+ links DA 30+).

We Link To That Content From Every Site In Content Club.

Results using this package are typically?

Medium Competitiveness:

We typically are on first page within 60 days.

We then make our way to the top spot with time.

Low – Low Medium Keywords:

Dominate Top 3 Spots In 90 Days

This package gives the entire site a giant boost of authority and link juice. This is a must have for any new site wanting to rank for multiple terms early on.



We Provide Insightful Articles and Tips About Guest Posting That Will Surely Help Your Site Grow!

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The term “sales stack” has become common in the digital marketing world as more entities seek to streamline their sales processes and get more customers. A sales technology stack simply refers to the collection of sales tools that a particular sales team uses. In this blog post we are going to walk through the stack […]



  • Will my website be associated with any spam?
  • Who writes the content?
  • What benefits should I expect to see from guest posting?
  • Is there a minimum order?
  • What happens if my links go down?
Will my website be associated with any spam?

Absolutely not. We have a strict blog quality scoring system in place to ensure the content we produce only gets posted on real blogs, with a real audience—we never use blog networks.

Who writes the content?

All of our content is written by our in-house team of talented writers, all of whom are fluent English speakers.

What benefits should I expect to see from guest posting?

Not only does our guest posting service provide your website with a high quality link from an authoritative blog in your niche, but it also helps you on several other levels. By distributing exceptional content we help to establish your site as an authority within its niche, as well as helping to increase your brand awareness. All of the blogs we contribute to make use of social share buttons, so our service will help you to build your social engagement too!

Is there a minimum order?

No, we have no minimum order quantity.

What happens if my links go down?

We guarantee to fix or replace any links that go down or bad. This usually doesn’t happen, but we put this guarantee here for your protection.